Top 7 Best High CBD Strains of Cannabis

Top 7 Best High CBD Strains of Cannabis » CannaStuff

When you hear people talking about CBD, it’s usually about oils, edibles, or topicals. While these are great ways to use CBD, one of the best ways to go through the full entourage effect is to light up a bowl of a high CBD marijuana strain.

With thousands of different cannabis strains, it can be difficult to choose which ones are best for CBD-users.

Don’t worry–we got you covered.

Here’s our top picks for the best CBD strains to try in 2020.

Top 7 Best High CBD Strains of Cannabis » CannaStuff


Produced by Dr. William Courtney, AC/DC is a phenotype of the high-CBD cannabis strain, Cannatonic. With a staggeringly high 20: 1 CBD to THC ratio, AC/DC boasts among the highest CBD to THC ratios of all cannabis strains.

Because of its unique cannabinoid ratio, AC/DC can deliver a powerful entourage effect, with very minimal intoxication effects from THC.

Featuring a deep, earthy taste with light hints of sweetness, AC/DC is a favorite high-CBD strain for most cannabis connoisseurs and is sure to leave you feeling thunderstruck.

#2 Stephen Hawkings Kush

With a 5:1 CBD to THC ratio, Steven Hawking Kush is an additional popular high CBD strain that offers a more balanced CBD to THC ratio.

Characteristic of the infamous genius this strain was named after, Stephen Hawking Kush gives a cerebral high combined with the soothing effects of CBD. This Indica-heavy strain has a sweet, fruity taste with pops of mint like bursts of Hawking-level brilliance.

If you’re looking for a cannabis strain that will deliver a balance of medicinal comfort with a clean head high that will not Steven Hawking Kush is definitely worth giving a try.

#3 Cannatonic

Next, on our list, Cannatonic, is one of the most well-known high-CBD strains that offered as a precursor to the rise of interest in high CBD strains.

While its name may sound like this strain will deliver a Cannatonic high, Cannatonic actually offers a very balanced CBD to THC ratio ranging between 5: 1 and 1: 1.

Featuring a smooth, earthy taste with bursts of zesty citrus, Cannatonic is one of our personal favorites and a great everyday high CBD strain.

#4 Ringo’s Gift

Named after the Cannabis activist and CBD pioneer Lawrence Ringo, Ringo’s Gift is a cross-breed between Harle-Tsu and ACDC―both of which are CBD-dominant strains.

While bred in various ratios, Ringo’s Gift has often been found with very-dominant CBD to THC ratios of 24:1. Because of its mellow mix of uplifting and relaxing effects, Ringo’s Gift has become a popular strain around the world with effectiveness in alleviating pain, stress, and anxiety.

#5 Sweet and Sour Widow

Crossbred from White Window and an unnamed sativa strain, Sweet and Sour Widow is an Indica dominant strain with a balanced 1: 1 CBD to THC ratio.

With a mild flavor profile and a balanced CBD to THC ratio, Nice and Sour Widow is ideal for those looking to enjoy the medicinal properties of cannabis strain without a strong head high.

#6 Harle-Tsu

With 20 times more CBD content than THC content, Harle-Tsu is one of the premier CBD-dominant strains, popular for its ability to alleviate pain and inflammation without delivering psychoactive effects to the user.

As a cross breed between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami, Harle-Tsu delivers an enjoyable relaxation effect and has shown to boost the user’s mood.

#7 Valentine X

With an impressive 25:1 CBD to THC ratio, Valentine X tops our list of the best CBD strains.


This strain was named after St. Valentine, the patron saint of epilepsy due to its ability to effectively treat epileptic seizures. In addition, Valentine X has shown to significantly alleviate other seizure disorders, reduce inflammation, and assist in treating cancer.


With such a high CBD to THC ratio, this strain is highly sought after for its many healing properties.

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